Personal statement on language learning

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October 3, 2019
Final Conference WeR1
November 19, 2019

Statement on language learning by Ouwais Sadiq, a Syrian national enrolled in the  Communication Course at the Catholic University:

I started studying Portuguese from the moment I arrived here, about 3 months ago. Portuguese is sometimes very easy but there are times it can be quite difficult. In the classroom when the professor explains things I do not feel it is difficult at all, I can understand everything that is presented in the lesson but when I start to apply it I find it somewhat difficult. The most difficult aspect of the Portuguese language are the verbs. Sometimes when I hear some people talking beside me I feel that I can understand something. However, there are times I can´t understand even a single word like my first day learning a language. And I could catch some words that I had studied, nothing else. I can say that the Portuguese people speak fast and that makes it a bit more difficult.

For me, personally, I have not yet found a major obstacle: it only needs more personal effort.