Didactical Framework

A handbook for making language teaching engaging and relevant for adult migrant learners

Based on the idea that language teaching and integration efforts go hand in hand, the WeR1 Handbook introduces language instructors to the theoretical cornerstones of the WeR1 approach, providing them with the knowledge needed to put theories into practice. The content of the Handbook is directly linked to the tools and materials available on the WeR1 learning platform.

Based on successful practices from four European countries (Portugal, Ireland, Czech Republic, and Denmark), the handbook provides language centres, labour offices, companies employing newly arrived people, or any organisation active in the integration process, with the background knowledge necessary to put theory into practice.The handbook ties together the elements produced in the project, directed towards the development of healthy integration into society. As an additional advantage, the guide can be used as an introduction course for volunteers or staff with little or no teaching experience.

The content has been selected to ensure that the most relevant information is presented in an easy to understand way, including short, clear and concise information, with direct relevance to the reader's professional needs.

The handbook will:

  • Present different approaches to dealing with culture shock and acquisition of intercultural competences

  • Introduce how to increase learner motivation

  • Introduce how to further develop self-efficacy, based on positive psychology

  • Provide readers with insight into the CLIL and TBL method

  • Introduce how the CLIL and TBL methods can be used in vocationally oriented language teaching situations

  • Act as the foundation for the basis of the WeR1 toolkit

  • Assist educators in creating their own WeR1 lesson plans

  • Danish
  • English
  • Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Czech
  • Irish