Professional development

WeR1 Course Guide - for professional development

The WeR1 consortium has developed a guide for professionals and volunteers working as language teachers/ facilitators to a group of newly arrived people. Your mission, to endow learners with the language they need to seek employment and become incorporated into the social structure of their host society, is a very challenging one! To help you along the way, the European consortium, WeR1, created a series of materials to facilitate rapid language acquisition whilst at the same time developing relevant work related and soft skills. This guide will help those professionals, who wish to run professional development workshops, promoting the WeR1 approach. The WeR1 materials are translated into Danish, Gaelic, Portuguese, and Czech languages.
  • The WeR1 Learner profile and Access to Education, Training, and Employment

  • Adult learning principles

  • Obstacles in the educational process of adult learners

  • Efficacy of learning strategies for language instruction in adult education

  • Content and Language Integrated Learning

  • TBL as an effective teaching methodology

  • Enhancing instruction through the usage of multimodal resources

  • Facilitating effective workshops for material exploitation

  • Effective teaching strategies – the motivational educator

  • How to structure and run a WeR1 professional development workshop

  • Danish
  • English
  • Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Czech
  • Irish