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June 3, 2019
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June 18, 2019

CONEQT is a Danish based SME, that  works with Content Development, Education, and Social Action. Coneqt’s mission is to create tools and resources that empower educators around the globe to place focus on the creation of links between learning and real life skills.

Cecilia Leboeuf, the founder of Coneqt, has a bachelor in education, with a specialty in foreign language acquisition, as well as two pedagogical diplomas; Internationalisation in Education and Comparative Pedagogy. 

After several years of teaching in primary and secondary education, Cecilia continued to pursue new challenges in vocational education. Due to a realisation that there was a significant gap between the needs of vocational education learners and the availability of English teaching resources in the sector, she began creating materials to supply her colleagues with the content needed to meet the requirements of students learning English in vocational education. The materials developed, focused on a more hands-on, communicative way of learning, where materials not only included the acquisition of language skills, but language skills directly related to the learners’ future job requirements. It was through this work, that Coneqt began developing content for a Danish online education platform, where she became the sole contributor of technical English language resources for the Danish vocational education sector. 

Along with this, Coneqt has delivered inspiration and ideas, to creating learner-centred communicative teaching resources, with special focus on vulnerable and at risk youths and children, as well as adult learners from areas of society, stigmatised by low academic success rates. Beside publishing books, developing project ideas and resources for teachers, Coneqt also offers teacher training courses and consultancy to schools in Denmark and Europe. These courses provide inspiration for schools, and other entities, in the development of innovative ideas for inclusion and changing attitudes towards learning. 

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