Four countries, one goal

Why are we here?
June 1, 2019
Meet the partners | CONEQT
June 13, 2019

The WeR1  project is funded by the European Commission. The consortium consists of partners from Portugal, Denmark, Ireland and Czech Republic. Together we have been working on new materials to be of use to teachers all around the world.

This platform is just the starting point of something that anyone can pick up, adapt, translate and use in their own classrooms.

Newly arrived people can find it quite difficult to adjust to their new societies. Often, they are expected to deliver and become active contributors to society shortly upon arriving. The lack of language skills can often be a hindrance to gaining quick access to the labour market. In order to learn a language, newly arrived people will attend language classes to learn the language. But this often only involves learning basic language, and this often does not help them in acquiring a job. We know that there are no simple answers, however we do present a solution for a challenging situation that so many countries are facing.

WeR1 wants to help newly arrived people to:

  • learn the language of the host country needed to perform daily tasks
  • help improve the chances of finding a job by learning vocationally oriented language ;
  • enable socialising with people from the host country, thus combating social exclusion;
  • help break  down barriers created by cultural differences;

We have been working for over a year already in this project, but there is still much to be done. Keep on following us both here and on our social media accounts.