Intended learning outcomes

At the end of this lesson learners will have:

(1) learnt the different materials while working on Carpentry Industry.

Materials to be used

During the lesson the class will participate in a series of activities that are designed to facilitate the learning process. These activities will be supported by the following materials:

Handout for materials;




Split the class into teams of 2-4 persons. Ensure that the groups are not too homogenous. So the groups have a set of different strengths to be used in the task. The purpose of this task is to know the meaning of each word, relating image and word.


  • During the task cycles, the teacher is present and assists the groups in completing their tasks. When they have questions or need help with vocabulary, the teacher can be of assistance.
    This activity is learner centered. Learners will need to work in groups and make a plan for the task.
  • Provide learners with the previous handouts to help them complete the task and remember the vocabulary. Provide them with dictionaries and grammatical overviews if necessary and discuss new vocabulary.
  • Play the video and explain the learners what tools are being used for this task.
  • In group, the learners discuss the video that they just watched and make a list of what materials are being used and what materials should also be used.

The teacher is observant during the task and helps the learners with any questions that may occur.

Post-task review:

In plenum.
What did we learn today?

  • New words brainstorm in plenum
  • Words and phrases remembered by the groups written on board

Language focus
Go through some of the issues that were raised during the presentations

These could be:

  • Grammar needs
  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation


The teacher assesses the students on how they use the new vocabulary as well as their pronunciation.


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