Developing the handbook

Meeting in Brno
September 15, 2019
About CLIL / TBL
October 3, 2019

The handbook is based on a holistic approach to language teaching and integration into society. We believe that language teaching and integration efforts go hand in hand. This handbook therefore presents practical knowledge needed for teaching labour market skills through Content and Language Integrated Learning and Task Based Learning. 

The methods and content introduced in the handbook have a direct link to the lesson plans and teaching resources developed by the consortium, and our holistic strategy encourages the collaboration across sectors, to best implement the methodologies in different areas of the integration process. 

Readers will learn about theories, in an easy to understand way, including short, clear and concise information, with direct relevance to their professional needs, with input based on the knowledge, skills and expertise of the WeR1 consortium and their respective collaborators in the language teaching industry.